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Stores management and inventory control is a critical activity in successful management within business environment. Store manager manage store and inventory also manage stores personnel. Store manager Responsibilities include Space Planning, organizing and co-ordinate their work, stockyards and inventory; and plan, organize and coordinate inventory work, train, supervise and control them. Stock represents a large percentage of the working capital in many organizations, minimizing damage makes a significant contribution to the overall profit of the business – and is a key vital part of the stores function. Store Management training is essential for efficient stores management and teach you the methodologies, principles and practices of good stores management to build your knowledge and skills to manage stores and its operations. Program teaches how that is done, and how to carry our stores management and stock control tasks effectively and professionally.

Participants: Stores keepers, Inventory assistant, warehouse assistant and new starters

Major Topics Covered in this Program:

  • Storehouse buildings: factors regarding their location, design and layout.
  • Considerations regarding floors, entrances and exits, and sub-stores.
  • Stockyards: materials, location, design, layout, throughflow, protection of stored items.
  • Facilitating orders and movement of stocks out of the stores.
  • Order picking, packaging, avoiding damages, the use of pallets and racks.
  • Protection of stock against loss and damage, causes of spoilage, how to overcome these problems.
  • Ordering stock items, documentation and planning.
  • Stock items, inventory identification, codes, creating and understanding coding systems.
  • Stock records: their contents and uses, importance of accuracy.
  • Statistics and reports; the role and management of the stores office.
  • Procedures for stock receipts and issues, coordination with other departments; packing, despatch.
  • Setting stock levels, reorder levels, factors in levels set; costs, ABC, EOQ, forecasting.
  • Stocktaking: reasons and purposes, procedures, spot checks, stock valuation, inspections.
  • Obsolete and obsolescent stock, disposal of unwanted goods.
  • Data and documentation, data safety, computer systems and backups.

Video lessons.
Course manual.
Certificate on Completion.

Training: 5 days
Date:Dec 17, Jan 2018


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