REVIT Structure Training


Revit Structure, training equip, design engineers and other building professionals to design and document by creating a parametric 3D model that included both the geometry and non-geometric design and construction information, known BIM. Revit Structure training enables design and construction teams to design, create and manage information about a building projects consistently across the scope of the project. Participants understand design concept by using Revit Structure software tool.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Revit Structure
  • Linking Revit and CAD File
  • Creating Structural Model
  • Structural Columns
    • Architectural Columns
    • Structural Walls
    • Foundations | Floors | Beams
    • Using Editing tools
  • Documenting a Structural Model
    • Dimensioning
    • Adding Text Notes | Tags | Elevation | Section | Call Out | Duplicate Views
    • Graphical Column Schedule
    • Using Schedules in Project
    • Generating Material Take Off
  • Sheets and Reinforcements
    • Adding a Sheets
    • Analytical Models
    • Adding Reinforcements
    • Rebar’s

Duration: 1 Month


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