Practical Approach in Quantity Surveyor Course, Guaranteed Learning Quantity Surveyor Course in Dubai

Enhance Quantity Surveyor Skills from Contracts Document and Guidelines.

Quantity Estimation of Construction Costs and Contracts

Quantity Surveying Course is designed to train in an easy-to-understand practical approach to measure work done on site activities in construction projects. Quantity surveyor course specialize in construction industry and focus on pre tender, post tender contracts. Quantity surveying training course suitable for those in surveying, construction and civil, mechanical and structural engineering discipline. Quantity Surveyor Training preparing you for the responsibilities and skills required to work as a Quantity surveyor.

Improve Quantity Surveyor Skills

Enhance Skills from Contracts Document & Guidelines

Quantity Surveyor Course Fact

Quantity Estimation of Construction Costs and Contracts

Project Quantity Surveyor

Practical Approach in Course, Guaranteed Learning

Expertise Grip By Learning Quantity Surveyor Course,

Quantity Surveyor Course Topics


  • Pre Tender Evaluation to prepare quote for projects.
  • Brief about General Contract.
  • Quantity Takes off -from sample drawings.
  • Civil –Structural drawings.
  • Architectural drawings.
  • MEP drawings.
  • Super structure drawings.
  • Preparing Cost Estimation for the Quantities.
  • Pricing of B.O.Q.
  • Cost Analysis and comparison.
  • Tender Adjustments.
  • Tender Submission.

Quantity Surveying Activities On Projects

Post Contract

  • Review on Tender opening and Shortlisting.
  • Tender Negotiation and meetings.
  • Value Engineering and proposals.
  • Finalization of contract sum.
  • Measurement for work done on site.
  • Materials on site details and quantification for % claims.
  • Preparation of Breakdown of work on site.
  • Documentations (Invoices, B.O.Q sheet).
  • Work done, Deduction, Advance payment and Retention.
  • Preparation of payment Application Summary Sheet.
  • Preparing Payment Application.
  • Procurement and Sub contractor management.
  • Variation Claims.
  • Final Account.

Instructor-led Training

Experienced Trainers

Certificate on Completion

Duration: 1 Month


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