Purchasing and Resourcing Management Training


Construction project require purchasing, building materials, equipment or leasing equipment and resourcing. Manufacturing companies need to buy goods and services for use in their production processes. Similarly, commercial firms require goods and services for re-selling. All Service organizations, Facilities service offices, banks, hotels and transport firms, also have to purchase in order to continue their business activities. This purchasing course covers the function of all purchasing activities which deal with the day to day activities for running their business units. This practical Program covers the specific skills, knowledge, responsibilities and duties of professional buyers, purchasing and resourcing managers employed in all industry.

Participants: procurement engineers, managers, purchasing assistant, purchasing officers and new starters

Major Topics Covered in this Program:

  • Purchasing objectives and strategy & evaluation and control.
  • Centralization and purchasing within the management hierarchy &, co-ordination.
  • Purchasing procedures and control systems.
  • Information technology & effects on purchasing and supply.
  • Human resources in the supply chain & management and leadership.
  • Sourcing, matching supply with demand.
  • Assuring quality of supplies, quality control and costs.
  • Negotiating with potential suppliers, tendering and forecasting.
  • Purchasing research, performance and ethics.

Video lessons.
Course manual.
Certificate on Completion.



Training: 5 days/3 Months
Date: 13 -17 Mar 2016


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