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Business Management training focus on business strategies, plans and measure the performance of the organization on a regular basis to ensure, appropriate actions are taken to meet the organization’s goals. Business managers and administrators must be efficient in managing business activities, human resourcing, office organization and control, communications and much more. This Business management training is designed for those seeking managerial position in business, also for those intending to establish their own businesses and for those running business units, who need expert guidance in this business management course to ensure full profitability in modern business industry.

Participants: Essential for anyone seeking administrative or managerial jobs, Office Managers, Administrators, Supervisors, Team leaders, Office Secretaries and new starters.

Major Topics Covered Business Management Training:

  • Business organisation, structure, expansion, delegation, re-organising.
  • Communications: internal and external, vertical and horizontal.
  • Budgeting, budgetary control, limiting factors.
  • Pricing policy and factors effecting prices set.
  • Credit: types and purposes.
  • Recruitment, job analysis, advertising, selecting, inducting, training, remunerating.
  • Motivation, human resources, discipline, counselling, resignations, retirements.
  • Stock control, the stores department, costs in maintaining stocks, stock levels, stock records, stock-taking.
  • Purchasing, buying, choosing suppliers, ordering, negotiating.
  • Selling, sales and marketing management, market research, advertising, publicity and sales promotion, pricing policy.
  • Office management, delegation of responsibility; structure, charts; control and standards; communication.


Video lessons.
Course manual.
Certificate on Completion.

Training: 5 days
Date:Dec 17, Jan 2018


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