Basic Excel Course


Basic Excel Training


About the Training:

Training Course ensures, participants gain expertise in practical knowledge in Excel.


  • Learn Excel ribbon’s Home tab how to minimize and customize the ribbon.
  • Learn to prepare workbook, worksheet and manipulate the data.
  • Learn to format cells in Excel, the appearance of a number, formatting.
  • Learn excel basic formula and functions.
  • Learn to prepare Cell References.
  • Learn to use Excel’s Find and Replace feature to quickly find specific text and replace.
  • Learn to use Excel’s Go To Special feature.
  • Learn to create an Excel workbook from scratch, and based on a template.
  • Learn to create basic Excel chart.
  • Learn to protect Excel workbook.
  • Learn print features.
  • Learn Keyboard shortcuts to increase your speed.

Topics Highlight:

  • Microsoft Excel Ribbon, shortcut menus,Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Practice to format Excel worksheets
  • Practice  to use simple Excel worksheet basic functions Auto Sum, Max, Min and Average.
  • Practice Absolute and Relative Cell References.
  • Excel’s Find and Replace feature.
  • Basic Chart report.
  • Worksheets:Zoom, Split, Freeze Panes.
  • Excel Security – Workbook, Worksheet and Cell Protection & Hiding.
  • Page setup and print features.



Duration: 1 Week


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